Water Conditioning

water conditioning

Despite strict standards and regulations, the number of toxins in our nation's drinking water continues to reach and exceed unacceptable levels. Chemical processes used to combat toxins in our water are proving ineffective and even harmful to our health. Otherwise acceptable water is compromised by the aging infrastructure of our water distribution plants and the deteriorating, corrosive pipes that transport it. Home water conditioning systems are the best solution to improve the quality of water delivered to your home.

Taste, odor and clarity are discernable aspects of drinking water. In the bathroom, showering in hard water that has been treated using chemicals (nearly all municipal water companies do this) can also cause health hazards. Contaminants are absorbed through the skin or inhaled in the form of steam from your hot shower. Water conditioning systems physically change the minerals in water to prevent them from forming scale.

Whereas a water softener reduces the dissolved calcium, magnesium in hard water. Softening replaces the calcium ion with a sodium or potassium ion, which reduces the hardness. Water conditioning trades aggressive calcium, iron, and magnesium ions for non-aggressive sodium ions. It is an immediate exchange that takes place in the conditioner tank. When the capacity of the system nears exhaustion, it automatically recharges itself so it will always be ready to condition your water when you need it.

Water conditioning as a method of reducing the effects of hard water. improves taste, reduces odors and provides cleaner, clearer water from every faucet in your home. Let FaWP put you in touch with a water professional who will help you choose the best means of water filtration for your home and family.

Find a Water Pro makes it easy to hire a service professional. Simply complete and email the short form to be directed to an established cleaning professional in your area. It takes just seconds to get a free quote!

Benefits Include:
  • Less spotting on dishes and glasses
  • Decrease scale buildup in pipes
  • Pleasent taste and smell of water
  • Avoid hard water problems
  • Salt-free softeners also filter drinking water
  • Remove lime scale